Purple Menace

Great Satan Inc has a rifle that would make Mayor Bloomberg’s stomach turn. Not only is it purple, in defiance of Mayor Mike’s crusade against colored guns, but the thumbhole stock makes it an evil assault weapon under some definitions, including New York City’s, I believe. The magazine that goes into the firearm is illegal in New York City (limited to 5 rounds).

That’s what Mayor Mike means when he speaks of common sense laws to fight illegal gun trafficking.

4 thoughts on “Purple Menace”

  1. I think that purple gun should be on the feature “Ugly gun of the week.” I forget who’s blog does that.

    I got a kick out of the “Bloomberg colors” for guns. That’s a gun manufacturer with a good sense of humor, and all the more because it seems they got Bloomberg’s goat.

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize he’d banned colored guns. How retarded.

    Maybe the problem isn’t with real guns looking like toys; maybe the problem is people treating guns like toys. Letting children and teenagers play with toy guns is a great way to ingrain unsafe habits that might get someone hurt if they ever get access to a real firearm. I’d think it would be much better to carefully expose children to real firearms under supervision so that they can learn to respect them!

    Compare the NY hysteria to this story from Anchorage…

    It would be disturbing if the police shot someone for having a holstered or slung weapon. But if you have a firearm (or realistic looking fascimile) and you are brandishing it aggressively at people, and it seems that death or grave bodily harm is imminent, then you deserve to get taken out!

    An armed society is a polite and civil society… Let’s just demand a little personal responsibility out of people.

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