Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Misdirected Mission

Looks like Mayor Bloomberg should be spending his energy looking at his own police department rather than spending his energy preventing the law-abiding from exercising their rights in his city:

The charges allege that the officers — five are still on the force and three are retired — were involved in illegally transporting more than a dozen handguns as well as M-16 assault rifles and shotguns and a variety of stolen property, the people briefed on the case said.

Even though this is a case of actual illegal guns being trafficked into New York City, I’m not going to hold my breath that we’ll hear anything about it from MAIG or Mayor Bloomberg. It does go to show if you make the market lucrative enough, people will enter it and meet the demand.

The arrests on Tuesday were based on charges that include conspiracy to transport firearms across state lines, conspiracy to transport defaced firearms across state lines, conspiracy to sell firearms across state lines and conspiracy to transport and receive stolen property across state lines, one of the people said. The stolen property included slot machines, the person said.

And here I’ve been hearing from the gun control groups that gun trafficking was legal, and that we didn’t have the proper tools to fight it. So clearly we need a federal trafficking law. Funny that when guns fall under the FBI’s purview, they don’t seem to have any problem finding charges to bring.

2 thoughts on “Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Misdirected Mission”

  1. Given that it was cops, for once they might actually be M-16 assault rifles, for real and for true, literally.

    Almost refreshing, the accuracy part.

    1. @Sigivald

      Nah, the police have ‘patrol rifles’, remember? It’s we who have the ‘assault rifles’.

      But yea, they might actually be select fire this time.

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