New Jersey Pols in McDonald Case

Cemetery points out some New Jersey pols that have signed up to oppose McDonald, in response to Bitter’s list of Pennsylvania reps who either joined, or who did not take a stand in the case.

Even in New Jersey, they could only get three Congressmen who wanted to go in record in favor of gun bans. I should also note that New Jersey had three Congressmen who joined the Congressional Brief supporting McDonald, and standing up for the Second Amendment, those reps are:

If you live in New Jersey, be sure to thank them. Even in the Brady Paradise of New Jersey, the anti-gun forces still couldn’t outnumber pro-Second Amendment forces.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey Pols in McDonald Case”

  1. Scott Garrett is my Rep. He’s a very good guy, very conservative. I have expressed my appreciation to him in person.

    Of course the Dems want very badly to re-district NJ to get rid of these guys.

  2. Voted for Leonard Lance – his office got a thank-you call the day I heard about him signing on (along with belated thanks for voting no on Pelosicare)

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