Bad Bills Up in New Jersey

I know I have more than a few Jersey readers, who have no doubt been following what’s been going on in Pennsylvania lately.  Now its your turn New Jersey.  It’s time to put your war face on, storm the capitol, and reclaim the rights that are rightfully yours!  Or you could just write your state representative that are listed in the alert.  I know, I know.  No fun.  But we do what we have to.

9 thoughts on “Bad Bills Up in New Jersey”

  1. I have to ask this. Why do you deem this a good idea? Is it because the NRA is on board? Is that the only criterion you use ?

    Sorry, but I still can’t get a handle on what motivates you or why. Not in the face of your failure to locomote otherwise.

    Am I just being picky? I hope not. I really can’t get a handle from whence you are coming.

  2. Oh, and I do agree with you and the NRA on this. Please don’t think I was trying to minimize the importance of the called for action.

  3. I see what you’re asking I think, which is “Why are you supporting this hopeless fight, but not other hopeless fights? Is it just because NRA has chosen to fight this hopeless fight?”

    Which presumes I ever advocated preemptive surrender when the fight is hopeless. I have never advocated that. These are bills that gave grave consequences for New Jersey gun owners if they pass, they have to be fought, even if there’s little hope of victory.

    The question with the whole Sullivan thing was, even if you manage to vote down his confirmation, what have you won? Bush puts another one of his boys up who won’t ruffle too many feathers, and we’re back to where we started.

    Now as it turns out, I didn’t think about the fact that some opposition would turn up the heat on Sullivan and force him into the uncomfortable position of having to address some of our concerns. I was wrong about the futility of the Sullivan battle after all. My question, I still don’t think, was a bad one.

  4. I’d like to thank the NRA for waiting to notify NJ gun owners until the Friday PM before a Monday AM legislative committee meeting. I was able to compose a topical e-mail today, at the last minute, but I doubt if any legislator will have the time to read it before Monday’s meeting. So thanks NRA! Way to keep on top of things!

  5. PN NJ, as I’m sure you’re aware since you seem to be so informed, with the legislature in lame duck session, the formal scheduling process is sometimes less than ideal. Of course, given your obvious extensive knowledge on the subject, I’m sure your comment was in clear jest.

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