Dangerous Democrats: Public Service Announcement

If you’re a burglar, breaking into people’s homes in Iowa, beware of Democratic Congressmen bearing shotguns. Or in this case the Congressman’s 22 year old grandson. The Congressman was apparently trying to fight the guy off with his bare hands.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Democrats: Public Service Announcement”

  1. I am glad that the Democratic congressman survived and that he was able to use a firearm to defend himself and his family. According to the article the congressman is NRA “A” rated so I am REALLY glad he survived.

    Unfortunately the Democratic party will continue with its gun confiscation obsession effectively trying to prevent the rest of us from being able to defend our families in the same manner.

  2. The article doesn’t mention what the “armed” intruder was armed with. Would be interesting to know; probably not armed with a gun from the sounds of it. But good for the family not only for owning guns but for apparently having them at the ready for use.

    The only downside IMHO is that it’s a damn shame anytime somebody depraved enough to conduct a home invasion survives the attempt, but the grandson seems to have shown remarkable restraint. Anybody know what the status of castle doctrine in Iowa is?

  3. I’m allergic to the nuts in her word salad these days, but it would be funny to see Joan Peterson go ballistic on this story.

    – Apostasy: The only thing worse than a card carrying NRA member to her seems to be a Blue Dog Democrat.
    – Gun Used: The gun used was a simple shotgun, always the last to be banned. It seemed pretty effective for threatening violence; makes me wonder why we need to ban the scary looking ones.
    – Special Person: The person with the gun was Special, being an elected official. I’d love to see the convoluted reasoning that says that his family should be entitled to special priveleges that the proles cannot enjoy.

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