It’s High Time

Since there aren’t too many bloggers that cover New Jersey politics from a Second Amendment angle, I decided it was high time I added a category specifically for New Jersey. Nothing happens in this issue in a vacuum, and we’ve had more than a few examples of New Jersey based activists crossing the river to push for gun control in Pennsylvania. Bitter and I keep a close eye on what happens in New Jersey, and are in regular communication with leaders in the issue over there. I feel confident we can provide good coverage for New Jersey gun owners.

6 thoughts on “It’s High Time”

  1. I’m looking forward to more about my home state in the future, but I thought you were already doing a pretty good job covering it.

    I’m especially proud that my state ranks so high on the Brady scale.

  2. When I saw this subject line show up in my email I thought it might be a call for legalization of marijuana. LOL.

  3. I honestly know many more Jerseyites that move to PA for the gun freedoms we do have than Anti’s moving in to change things.

  4. The People MikeB302000 knew in Jersey were all criminals anyway, so the gun control laws never applied to them anyway.

    I guess even criminals have to pay taxes….guess it depends on what kind of criminal.

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