On Blaming Pennsylvania

Scott Bach has a post responding to the increasingly more frequent statements coming from across the river that Pennsylvania’s “weak” gun laws are to blame for crime in New Jersey.

What I’d like to know is why no one blames Delaware?  Delaware’s gun laws are actually less stringent than Pennsylvania’s in nearly all respects except for the issuance of concealed weapons licenses.   Delaware also shares a rather lengthy border with New Jersey.

6 thoughts on “On Blaming Pennsylvania”

  1. Good point. Maybe New Jersey’s already too busy picking on Delaware for their “less expensive than New Jersey” cigarette taxes. They can’t understand why someone would want to pay $2 less per pack…

  2. I think it is because Delaware exists in the Phantom Zone. That may also be why it is the only state on the Eastern Coast with a Jack in the Box.

  3. Probably don’t have a Philidephia or equivalent in Delaware to show as an “origin” of all these gun crimes.

  4. That’s basically it, I think. If you trace heavy from Trenton and Camden, which New Jersey does, those criminal cultures do a lot of intermingling. I would bet most of the guns in Camden are coming from Philly, not because they are skirting NJ gun laws, but just because a lot of criminals in Camden have contacts in Philadelphia for getting guns illegally.

    I’d be willing to bet if you traced any products from Trenton or Camden, you’d end up with a lot of material originating in Pennsylvania.

  5. Baesd on violent crime rankings, Delaware would be a good target:


    The Delaware Memorial Bridge would also provide a good background for the politicians and gun grabbers who stage PR stunts for the media. However, NJ’s bullying and moral preening plays better against a big state like PA than a small one like DE.

  6. Oh yeah, it’s also easier to blame “Pennsylvania” rather than “another group of incompetent and corrupt Democrats who run Philadelphia as badly as NJ Democrats run Newark, Trenton, Camden, etc”.

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