So What is Fast Eddie’s Excuse?

By now everyone here has likely heard of Rep. Alan Grayson, the infamous target of, and general all around political bonehead. The guy is trying to make his name by winning the prize for “Biggest Asshole in All the History of Congress.” But Jim Geraghty offers up this insight from a political veteran:

I heard from a veteran Republican strategist who had been involved in races in this district years back, and he offered the theory that Grayson’s off-his-meds schtick stems from his early realization that he was near-certain to be a one-term congressman. He was greatly helped by the Obama wave in this district, and suburban central Florida isn’t a natural territory for a lawmaker who sounds like a commenter on Daily Kos. With nothing to lose, Grayson is going out with a bang, holding nothing back and hoping his outlandish statements win him some other public platform. (Already, Grayson’s on MSNBC more frequently than the peacock logo.)

My first thought: What’s Ed Rendell’s excuse?

See, our fine Governor has no problem opening his mouth just as wide as Alan Grayson. He says out loud that state workers should worship him and erect shrines to him in their homes. He also informs the press that he thinks women who choose not to have children “have no life.” So tell me again, what’s his excuse?

2 Responses to “So What is Fast Eddie’s Excuse?”

  1. Rendell’s excuse is the same, namely, he knows he’s not coming back. In his case it’s due to term limits as opposed to just being wildly unpopular, but the end result is the same: an elected official who feels he’s above reproach, and can do what he pleases, because he doesn’t have to worry about what those pesky voters think anymore.

    • Bitter says:

      I would tend to disagree. While the antics I mentioned are recent, he’s been known as a politician who speaks his mind and is likely to offend since his first term. Why do you think the media loves him so? You never know what on earth he’ll say.