Editorial Favoring Concealed Carry Reform in Iowa

Surprising that the Des Moines Register is willing to run a pro-right-to-carry op-ed, in this case by the Iowa Sportsmen’s Federation Executive Director Craig Swartz. Sounds like they are running a good media operation for getting this timely editorial placed in the state’s major paper. Good on them.

2 thoughts on “Editorial Favoring Concealed Carry Reform in Iowa”

  1. Very good op-ed. Unfortunately, if they want to gain members and pro-gun allies from other than the far right i Iowa, they should have taken the opportunity of web traffic the op-ed might generate to make their website more inviting & appealing to first-time visitors & non-members: the “R*I*N*O Hunting” t-shirt ads you see when you come to their home page make it clear only a certain type of gun owner–and only a certain type of Republican–is welcome in their organization. Marginalizing gun rights as strictly a far-right value is not a good proselytizing strategy IMHO despite that being where gun rights are most passionately defended by and large. Why preach to the choir?

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