Scalia Defends His Position

Looks like he did so at a speech for the Mississippi College School of Law. Sadly they don’t go much into what he said about the Second Amendment, but they do cover Scalia’s warnings about appeal to international law. I have to agree with this part too:

Scalia also said that he was worried by a mounting trend of appointing career judges to the judiciary. Scalia, 73, is a former appeals court judge, but he had also worked in private practice, as a law professor and in the administration of President Gerald Ford before Ronald Reagan nominated him to the Supreme Court in 1982.

“Every aspect of your career broadens your outlook and the insights that you would have. It’s good for the Court to have people with varied backgrounds. One of the things I’m concerned about is that in recent years, nobody who has been appointed has come from another bench,” Scalia said. […]

[…] Calling European judges “the most blinkered bureaucrats,” Scalia said that career judges in European systems can develop a sympathy for the government’s side of a case, having worked for the government their entire professional lives.

“You contrast that with the Anglo-Saxon system, where in the most important courts the judges not only have not been spending their whole life with their snout in the public trough, they’ve been suing the government,” Scalia said. “They’ve been defending their clients against the government. (It’s) a different mind, a different mindset.”

I would love to have someone on the bench who’s built a career out of suing the government. Maybe someday a future president can put Alan Gura on the Court :)

3 Responses to “Scalia Defends His Position”

  1. We should all be proud, and could only hope, to one day have Alan Gura sitting on the SCotUS. Anyone with an understanding of the Constitution such as his, coupled with his knowledge of the American history surrounding it, is more than qualified.

  2. Beware of wishes for a Gura nomination. If he were to become a judge that is one less person available to sue the government. His passion would be applied to deciding all manner of other issues other than protecting the right of the individual to defend himself. That is not a net plus in my eyes.

  3. Colonel Reb says:

    I live an hour from Jackson. I wish I would have known Justice Scalia was speaking. BUMMMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!