Clearly What We Need is More Guns!

I’m giving into a stereotype a bit here.  But I’ve heard this type of accusation enough that I grow tired of it.  From the comments of my post about CeaseFire PA board member Jennifer W. Stein:

You’re an idiot, gun nut, paranoid wacko. Need more guns? Yeah, sure we do.

Comment by JML on March 5th, 2008

As it turns out, JML is a local gun control activist who organizes gun control meetups in our local Philadelphia metro area.  He probably knows Jennifer Stein personally, so I won’t take it too personally that he’s steamed I embarrassed her.  I’d probably be a little pissed too if someone google ruined one of my friends’ reputations.

But I do mean to address the assertion that we think society “needs more guns.”  Go back to my original arguments in that post about tolerance in a free society.   That seems to have been completely lost on our gun controlling friend here.  We’re arguing that people should be free to have effective means to defend themselves and their families. We’re arguing that the Bill of Rights and the constitution mean something. We’re arguing that we have a right to preserve and defend our shooting sports.  This has nothing to do with some simple belief in “more guns” and everything to do with freedom.

In truth this line of arguments belies something in the mindset of people passionate about gun control; that we’d be a safer society with fewer guns, and therefore we have to pass laws that will ensure that.  I reject this dogma, so therefore they assume what I want is more guns, rather than more freedom.  Their assumption is mistaken.

11 thoughts on “Clearly What We Need is More Guns!”

  1. Jennifer Stein believes in UFOs, crop circles, ESP and Ancient Egyptian mystery school teachings (whatever that is) and you’re the wacko?? Hahaha. Okay.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with more guns. More guns will equal more freedom, and if we continue with some of the gun laws that really are “sensible” it will also mean less crime.

    Sensible gun laws are the ones that allow the good guys to carry guns concealed and give bad guys extra time in lockup for committing crimes with guns. These are laws that are proven to not just make us feel good but actually work. An added bonus is that these laws people like Jennifer Stein and her followers feel bad.

    The very sensible laws would be the ones that eliminate gun free killing zones.

    A super sensible law would be one that allows pre-qualified civilians to fill available spots at police academies and get the same training cops get.

  3. But it’s one of their standard strawmen. It’s right next to “give machineguns to kindergardeners” in the PuSH’er playbook.

  4. We’re not pro-gun, we’re pro-choice.

    We don’t want to “arm” anyone…all we want is for every free citizen to be able to choose for themselves whether to arm themselves or not.

  5. If gun-rights enjoyed the same support as abortion rights, then the government would provide subsidies for minors to purchase machineguns without parental consent!

  6. Well, let it be known to all: I WANT MORE GUNS. Please send any and all unwanted firearms to me.
    Flash Gordon: I’d also like to receive the guns confiscated from bad guys when they are sent to lockup. Also, I love the idea of firearms training at a police academy…where do I sign up? :-D
    On a more serious note: yeah, I’ll definitely cop to wanting ‘more guns’. More of ’em everywhere. (well, maybe not EVERYWHERE…) But the more guns, the less crime, right? (h/t Prof. Lott.) The more responsible armed citizens, the better off we’ll be. The more people who come to learn to shoot, and really come to love it as I have, the more people I meet at the range, the more who see a gun as something useful and/or fun as opposed to some evil magic engine of death, well, the happier I’ll be.

  7. …And another thing, reading again of Bitter’s outrage over AHSA’s characterization of women needing to be “red flagged” as gun purchasers.
    I want more women with guns. Like a woman on her own motorcycle, a woman with her own gun usually has this air of confidence about her that I find kinda…sexy. Plus, it’s an instant conversation-starter—shared interest !

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