Luzerne County Gun Buyback

It looks like they will be holding one this Tuesday.  Once again they don’t offer cash. No buyback programs in this state seem to offer cash anymore, probably because they know how we use those programs. Either way, if you’re in the area and not doing much, you might want to hang about in a public area near the station and see what folks are bringing in. We lose history through these programs, which is a travesty. Though keep in mind you have to transfer pistols through a sheriff or FFL in Pennsylvania. Still, any C&R folks out there might want to go save the good stuff.

3 Responses to “Luzerne County Gun Buyback”

  1. It still boggles my mind that tax dollars are used to destroy these items. If nothing else, why can’t the items of historical value be donated to a museum? Why can’t the M1s be recycled into the CMP?

    If some owners are too stupid to realize that their items are worth more than a $50 gift cert, too bad for them, but wastefully destroying these items at public expense seems absurd.

    If you’re going to destroy them, at least use a cash for clunkers model… Turn in your old rifle, get a discount on a new AR?

  2. Here’s another idea… Local folks should offer somewhat more for the firearms (an extra $25 or so) and then raffle them off for a local charity, say, at the annual NRA banquet. Donate the proceeds to a charity in the community (or to the annual policeman’s ball!) and let the people who turned in the firearms know how much they managed to raise (“Your contribution of a .38 spl chief’s special raised $620 for the local foodbank”). I think a local charity is key as it emphasizes that gun owners positively contribute to their own communities.

  3. Pete says:

    From the article

    “- Per grant guidelines, a form must be signed when at the time of drop-off with name, address, phone number, signature and the date. The form will be provided by the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office.”

    You have to be retarded to go through with that.