Snuffy’s Gun Buyback Extravaganza

Father Snuffy had a gun buyback this weekend, along with a lot of other groups across the country.  Thirdpower lets everyone know what Fr. Snuffy’s buyback is all about.  The buyback in Philadelphia this weekend was giving out gift cards to a supermarket, and not even really that much.  They have learned better than to give out cash in this area.

Gun buybacks are a Cash for Clunkers program for gun nuts.  My only moral problem with the programs is that it entices people to turn in items that have significant historical value, which are then destroyed and lost for history.  If anti-gun groups and big city politicians want to raise the market floor on junk guns, I have no real problem.  It’s their money, and I’d rather than dump it into worthless, feel good programs like this than actually use it to challenge gun rights.

4 thoughts on “Snuffy’s Gun Buyback Extravaganza”

  1. I say this every time I see one of these “buybacks,” they’re cruel, damned cruel. Half the time it’s some clueless old widow who is living on a fixed income all alone, and has no idea the WWII bringback or old hunting rifle she just traded in for a $100 gas card was worth ten times as much.

    I had a thought on this, I actually think this idea would be a good little project for the smaller groups, like the various state organizations. They should set up near these stupid buybacks, advertise for an offer of free assessments on the value of the firearms people are considering handing in by respected professionals (surely they could find volunteers), so they know the real value of what they’re thinking of handing in, maybe point them to respected auction houses if they still wish to sell.

    It’d be like Antiques Roadshow, but ten times better.

  2. I’m of two minds about this. At first, I was deeply opposed to the very idea of such a horrific act, which destroys guns for no good reason. Then it occurred to me that only stupid people would be likely to trade in a gun without assessing that firearm’s value first. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    I also later found out that the departments and agencies in many states are not run entirely by morons, and the valuable guns are actually SOLD TO FFLs at auction, and the revenue generated used to fund local law enforcement. Brilliant! Only stupid people get hurt, they hurt themselves, and taxes go down to boot.

    But this is not always the case, and a lot of times, rare, historic and valuable guns are destroyed because of an absence of intellect at all levels, from the owner on down. I feel this is an unavoidable and shameful event, and volunteers should be allowed to assess the value of the arms before the exchange is made to protect the donation giver.

    In Orlando, Fl, near me, they sell the things. So, if you try to tell people how much their guns are worth, or offer to buy them, they’ll throw your ass in jail, only to release you a few hours after the program is over for the year (It’s only one day a year). They know they’re netting some really valuable pieces in O-Town, I don’t know how other districts can be oblivious to that fact.

    Also, turn in a broken $40 (when new) airgun and get $50-$100 gift card? I think the only ones who are really being exploited by this is the government.

  3. I work for a gun shop in N.E. Philadelphia and the local police precinct will, if some old lady brings in her late husband’s trophy Luger – or other valuable firearm, direct her to our shop so she can get more than $50 for it – and preserve an important historical firearm. In fact, the owner has been invited to attend their gun buyback so he can spot the valuable ones. So there’s a little bit of sanity.

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