So Many Exemptions

Can’t Fred Madden just admit this one-gun-a-month law is useless and repeal the damned thing? These exceptions proposed to New Jersey’s one-gun-a-month law are useless too. There is no legal definition of “competitive shooter” or “collector.”  There is a type of federal firearms license you can get in the latter category, but having this C&R is not in itself an exception. To get any exception to this law, you have to make an application to the New Jersey State Police, which presumably they will not enthusiastically grant within any reasonable amount of time. What are also the standards for showing you’re a competitive shooter? There is none. This is the most useless thing I’ve ever read:

The applicant shall certify, on a form prescribed by the superintendent, the specific exemption sought and the particular handguns to be purchased. This form shall be submitted to the superintendent at the same time as the permit to purchase a handgun, along with any pertinent documentation supporting the need for an exemption. The superintendent shall consider the veracity, accuracy, and completeness of the information provided in determining whether the applicant meets the requirements for an exemption pursuant to this section. In considering an exemption sought under paragraph (3) of subsection a. of this section, the superintendent shall not consider the merit or validity of the applicant’s collecting activities.

The superintendent shall not grant an exemption if he finds a reasonable likelihood that the public safety would be endangered by granting the exemption, including but not limited to instances where the applicant may be purchasing a handgun to give, sell or distribute to a person who would not qualify to purchase or otherwise acquire a handgun under the provisions of this chapter.

Either two things are going to happen. They will routinely deny exceptions, or they will largely grant all exceptions. In the former, this fix is worthless, and if the latter, the whole law is worthless. If we were silly enough to believe that New Jersey criminals were going to their local police, filling out all the forms for a license to own, and then the forms for multiple pistol purchase permits, submitting to a multi-point FBI background check, submitting references, place of employment, and all the other intrusive things New Jersey asks for to own guns. Now Senator Fred Madden would have us believe that adding one more form to the process is going to put a stop to criminals getting guns legally and selling them to other felons? Hogwash. The worst part is, I think he knows this is hogwash. But this is New Jersey, and politics is politics.

4 thoughts on “So Many Exemptions”

  1. And of course this is yet another part of the stupid gun-control numbers-game. I can only buy one-gun-a-month? What harm can I do with 13 guns bought in a year that can’t be done with 12?

    What harm can I do with a gun that holds 11 rounds in the magazine that I can’t do with 10?

    What harm can I do with a gun with a .50 Caliber bore that I can’t do with a .499?

    These questions need to be pressed to expose them for what they really are.

  2. Routinely deny. All that requires is a rubber stamp wielded by a low-level functionary. NJ SCOTUS will uphold any challenges based on their previous rulings.

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