The Bill Corzine is Pushing

Here’s a copy of the New Jersey Microstamping bill.  It’s bad.  Really bad.  There’s a big distributor over in New Jersey, Sarco, that will be put out of business by this bill, as it makes it unlawful to bring any non-microstamped firearm into the state with the intent of selling it or transferring it, even if it would be to an FFL out of state.  Here some other stupidity at work:

  • Revolvers?  Need to have those microstamped. Can’t have criminals carrying around non-stamped casings in their wheel guns, you know.
  • No exemption for air guns, meaning air guns will have to be imprinted with the required microstamp, or will be illegal to sell or transfer in New Jersey after the date of this act.
  • There is no exemption for police.  This will apply to police departments too, since they procure either from dealers or distributors.
  • If you work for someone who is a “manufacturer, wholesale dealer of firearms, retail dealer of firearms” you will be guilty of a felony for transporting an air pistol into the state if it does not have the requisite microstamping on it.
  • It does not demand that the imprint be on the primer, but rather on the case.  Again, this applies to air guns too.

This law is beyond stupid.  But much like the one-gun-a-month law, which the legislators were told was badly written, and apparently did not care, I would not be surprised for this to pass.

UPDATE: Just noticed there’s no exception for antique firearms either, so muzzle loaders will need to be microstamped to imprint on the non-existent casing.

16 thoughts on “The Bill Corzine is Pushing”

  1. WTF? And who supplies the equipment to do this micro-stamping? Last time I looked into it, it was one company looking to make a buck. Stupid idea is just being nice…

  2. I am glad there is no law-enforcement exemption. Hopefully the lack of LE provisions in the bill will generate LEA and FOP opposition to its passage.

  3. Way to go NJ! Police should definitely NOT be exempt from this bill! This bill will END CRIME, so police may not even be needed, except of course to arrest however many mayors have not yet been arrested for corruption. Can I get a list of gun makers in NJ? Texas has an EXCELLENT program to pay for manufacturors to move to Texas. Great weather, middle of the country, NO INCOME TAX. Maybe we can get SARCO here. But they have to leave their ideas of “government” behind.

  4. Now the antis have a one-stop shop for ideas to fix their legislation up into passable form.

  5. So who is going to round up all of the criminals guns and get them microstamped before handing them back out again? Does the bill contain an amnesty for them so that they can comply with the new law?

  6. Wow. NJ it seems is busily wresting the throne away from Commiefornia for having the stupidest, most moronic, and brain-dead anti-weapon legislation.

    Of course what else would one expect from such a one-party culture of corruption?

  7. So what are the residents of Jersey doing about this? If it’s nothing then what can be done for them?

    I am weary of hearing of the stupidity of New Jersey and it’s residents. Why don’t we just sell the state off the to Chi-Coms and write it off as a loss?

  8. eriously micro stamping our guns, thats ridiculous. and then air guns also, ho does that even work on an air gun u can’t anything from the primer is not gonna show on the pellet cause the pellet gets inverted or smashed up when hitting anything harder than paper.
    and now criminals will just pick up their casings, leaving no trace for sure.
    good job NJ way to be the commie state

  9. At least the cops will suffer under this, too. Manufacturers must tell tell NJ that their LEOs and state militia are out of luck, ’cause they’re not getting guns or ammo, either.

  10. And I really like the idea that the NJ police departments will be taking it in the shorts from both of these bills. Now let’s also include Corzine’s personal protection agents as well…

  11. Oh get real.. The cops will just ignore this and there is nothing that anyone can do about it, just like they are going to ignore the one gun a month law as soon as it gets inconvenient to comply. Have you people not figured it out yet? “The People” are no longer in control in NJ. They have gone complacent and are too fat and happy to notice that their rights are gone. The only reason to not write them off is this kind of tom-foolery is like cancer, or rust on a car, given time, it will spread. I’m just not sure what exactly we can do about it (not being from that hell hole myself).


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