Presidential Birthplaces

Heading back up to Pennsylvania on I81 we passed the presidential birthplace of Woodrow Wilson. I wouldn’t stop there except to piss on it, but it got me thinking about predidential birthplaces in general. We’re pretty much out of the era where people were typically born at home, which makes me ponder whether or not we’ll start renaming hospitals after the Presidents who were born there. We could, for example, have the George W. Bush Medical Center and Birthplace, or the Barack “We Swear He Was Born Here” Obama Memorial Hospital in Honolulu. The king of all birthplaces is the Bill Clinton birthplace in Hope, Arkansas, but that’s only because there’s a great BBQ shack right off the exit — only fitting for the nations first fast food president. If there was a strip joint next door it would be the most fitting monument to Bill Clinton there could be.

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  1. Of all the people I know, I’m the only one who was delivered at home, other than my siblings. And that was only because my parents had eccentric worldviews.

  2. I must say that is the only reason I stopped at the Hope, AK KFC… Unfortunately I think Hope is part of a dry county in AK which kind of puts a damper on opening up a strip joint.

  3. Well, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one ever tempted to leave a urine stained comment. In my travels, I’ve happened upon the birthplaces of Jimah Carter and Karl Marx. The urge to void my bladder in each case was almost irresistible. It was only the presence of guards that prevented that chemical graffiti. ;^)’

  4. Sebastian, does this, “the Barack “We Swear He Was Born Here” Obama Memorial Hospital in Honolulu” mean that you subscribe to the “birther” theory as will as the “climate-change-is-bogus” one?

  5. MikeB,

    Sebastian can answer for himself, but as for me, I got no idea about where Obama was born. But i’m pretty darn certain that the theory of Anthropogenic Climate Change is complete and utter bullshit. Climate Change on the other hand – well, the climate is always changing. It goes up, and it goes down.

    As for climate gate – let me say (having known and worked with all involved) that few who know Michael Mann are really surprised by this.

  6. MikeB:

    I am not a Birther or a climate change denier. Pretty much what Countertop said, except I believe there is at least a plausible theory for AGW, but it’s just a theory.

  7. Sebastian, I’m glad to hear you’re not a birther or a climate change denier, that you just consider there’s another explanation to the latter.

    One alarming prediction I’ve heard lately is that in sub-Sahara Africa, the emergency food needs will double in the next 10 years. Now, to me that sounds even more like “the sky is falling” than when the gun control folks talk about the future. As a result, even if the gun control debate continues to be viable, this climate change one should either fizzle out or become clear to everyone. Time will tell.

  8. Hey! If it’s a good barbecue joint next to Clinton’s birthplace, it is, by definition, fast food.

    A little respect, please, for the ancient and honorable tradition of “low and slow.”

  9. Too fast on the post key, too slow on the proofreading.

    I meant “If it’s a good barbecue joint next to Clinton’s birthplace, it is, by definition, _not_ fast food.”

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