Cost Cutting

Philadelphia is pretty much broke at this point.  Over at PA Water Cooler we find out some lesser known parts of Nutter’s nutty plan to keep the city from going bankrupt, like laying off 1000 police officers, laying off 200 firefighters and closing 10 companies.  Switching traffic signals to blink and shutting off all street lighting.  What could possibly go wrong?

Maybe this is why they call him Nutter.

2 thoughts on “Cost Cutting”

  1. Well, if Philadelphia could only pass its own gun ban legislation, they wouldn’t need those thousand police officers, right? LOL

  2. Love how he’ll propose laying off police and firefighters, but none of the city government’s office staff, or his own staff for that matter. Nothing like scaring the people into compliance. But, Rendell’s doing it, so why can’t Nutter?

    The sad part is that even if 1000 cops get furloughed, I don’t think it’ll change the crime landscape much in Philly.

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