Neat German .50BMG Pistol We’ll Never See Here

A German company develops a .50 BMG pistol. I can’t imagine what it’s like to shoot this thing. Granted, it’s 15 lbs, so it’s unbelievably heavy for a pistol. Still, it’s good to know the Germans have a bit of  “making it just because we can” left in their firearms industry. I doubt we will see it here because of the importation restrictions in the Gun Control Act of  1968, let alone the fact that it’s an AOW under the National Firearms Act.

8 thoughts on “Neat German .50BMG Pistol We’ll Never See Here”

  1. Unless somebody here wants to pay a licensing fee to make them stateside. Dunno if that will ever happen. I don’t see this thing selling more than a few units.

    I certainly have no desire to shoot it, or stand on the firing line with it being shot….

  2. A fifteen pound handgun! What a convenient thing to walk around with. Good God, Snowflake, the gun CONSUMERS are going to ban this one with their WALLETS.

    Just some regular snarkiness FROM Brady Campaign folks.

  3. Good lord! I think the only way that baby could be fired, unless you have arms like The Hulk, would be sitting flat on the table, elbows locked. Probably need a couple of sandbags holding that down too. And me, being a somewhat scrawy guy to start with, would probably want something a bit larger that just shooting glasses to cover my face.

  4. I mean, it has to be an AOW. There’s no way you could shoot that thing with one hand. Can you imagine the fireball on that thing too? It’s not like the .50BMG uses a fast burning powder.

  5. “Maybe they could use it in Hellboy III”

    … as his plinking gun. It’s Hellboy’s version of a .22lr.

  6. Nothing new there. I have a picture somewhere of a nice looking .50BMG handcannon in its own custom briefcase. I believe the gun was actually built by Mike Anzio of Anzio Iron Works. Dates back at least ten years.

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