More Media Coverage of VPC Google Research

So says the Gainesville Sun. Scroll down to “A deadly license” at the bottom.

According to a study by two gun control advocacy groups, the Violence Policy Center and the Freedom States Alliance, 77 people and eight law enforcement officers have been killed nationwide over two and a half years by concealed weapons license holders. In Florida, 14 people, including two police officers, have died at the hands of license holders.

What they don’t bother mentioning is that Florida issues 657,000 concealed carry licenses, and in 2008 only revoked 643 licenses. That’s a revocation rate of 1/10th of one percent. Overwhelmingly, this is a very law abiding subset of the population. But they won’t mention that. No. Doesn’t fit with the narrative.

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  1. If 14 people were killed by concealed carry licensed individuals and Florida has 657,000 of them, that means about 2.13 individuals were killed in Florida per 100,000 concealed carry license holders. But wait, it’s over 2 1/2 years, not one year… That’s 0.85 per 100k!

    Meanwhile, according to the overall number of people killed by firearms per 100,000 in the general population of Florida is 11.1.

    I guess from that we can figure out that concealed carry license holders in Florida are more than 90% less likely to kill someone with a firearm than any random individual in Florida, and that’s the lowest reduction of any state!

    Junk statistics are fun to twist to further agendas, hooray! I feel like a climatologist!

  2. I wonder how long they’ll be able to repeat the false narrative. I mean all those new permits being issued, Woman becoming a huge growing demographic.

    They may be running out of ignorant masses to lie to….

  3. As I mentioned in the other thread, it appears that motorcyclists kill more people than concealed carry permit holders. And the rate of death by motorcycle is increasing, while the rate of death by firearm is decreasing…

  4. Um…
    when they say “77 peopie” are they including the bad guys who assumed room temperature while trying to rob/harm/kill a CCP gun owner?
    That makes the statistics much less alarming.
    (The LE0 figure needs amplification)

  5. charlie:

    Some of them may be. If you look at the cases, some of them could be self-defense, but a lot of them clearly weren’t.

  6. The fact that a very tiny percentage of CCW carriers kill people is valid, but it’s still a percentage. The point of the article is that 14 people might not have been killed if they weren’t carrying. I’m not an anti-, but let’s not stoop to their level by twisting things.

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