Jerry Brown Helps Us Out

He’s pissing off a lot of gun control advocates in his state. Rumor is he’s considering running for governor again. I’m not going to go so far as to say he deserves our support yet, but I have to admit, at this point, it would be hard to do worse than California’s had for the better part of two decades. Jerry Brown would appear to at least be willing to acquiesce to you being armed when the suede-denim secret police come for your uncool niece.

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  1. As a California gunnie I can tell you that Mr. Brown deserves our support because everyone else is far, far worse in the Governor’s race.

    On the Republican side, Meg Whitman claims she supports the 2A but that AW laws are just fine thanks. She basically takes the eBay firearms policy to politics. The rest of the R’s are as bad or worse claiming that there is no right to bear (aka no shall issue carry permits.) None of this matters though as this cycle no Republican can get a majority in the general election.

    On the Dem side, Brown is a shoo in anyway. However, he actually believes the 2A means what it means and understands how it protected the civil rights movement. He may not be with us at the extremes, but he dismantled and refocused California DOJ on chasing actually disqualified people instead of law abiding gun owners.


  2. One of the reasons I’m a registered republican is so I can vot ein the primaries and get more moderate (and electable) candidates. In many cases, the primaries are more important than the general elections.

  3. Jerry Brown was a disaster the first time as Governor. The next time will be just as bad. California gun control laws will fall at by court ruling and nowhere else, so don’t get caught in the false hope that Jerry Brown represents. The laws are written in the gerrymandered legislature that is controlled by the Democrats. the key to moderating California is redistricting. unfortunately that is another windmill to tilt at in the land of fruits and nuts. I escaped the insane assylum in 1990 and don’t regret it a bit.

  4. Mr. Brown pulled the CA DOJ off lobbying for anti-gun bills. As such we have hope with him of actually getting vetos of the dumb gun laws that will make it out of the legislature.

    We are unlikely to get vetos from anyone else in the race, including the Republicans…


  5. JB isn’t the Big Evil Liberal Enemy that most people (unthinkingly) make him out to be. Remember, things are strange in California. You have county-level Republicans coming out in favor (or in the least, neutral) on anti-gun bills, and you have JB, our Attorney General, who isn’t a defacto wall of anti-gun hoplophobia. In fact, one of the more interesting keepsakes he has is his father’s old .38 Special revolver.

    He also put the firearms ‘division’ in its place as a ‘bureau’ again, and since his tenure began we’ve seen the departure of at least a few strict anti-gun bureaucrats. There is hope. Imperfect, but still hope.

  6. Don Kates went to law school with Brown, and emailed him to get Brown to do an amicus brief. Brown isn’t pro-gun; he just recognizes that gun control is a distraction from the real sources of violence.

  7. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time defending Jerry Brown.

    I disagree with him on almost everything, but I defend him for a very important reason:

    I believe Jerry Brown is wrong, but honest.

    There are I believe two types of people, politically speaking (not ideologically, politically. There is a HUGE difference):

    There are those who, when shown that they are wrong (and believe what they are shown), will accept it, admit it, and change their position.

    There are also those who will not; because their politics and their personal interest, are more important to them than their integrity, the truth, or doing the right thing.

    In my experience, Jerry Brown is the former. This puts him in the rare category of politicians who I believe generally try to do what THEY believe is right, rather than what they believe is in their interest.

    So, as I said, I think Jerry Brown is wrong about almost everything, but he’s honest.

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