8 thoughts on “Jerry Brown Endorses Incorporation”

  1. Then we can be prepared for the Suede Denim Secret Police when they come for my uncool niece. Hehe I always get that song in my head when I hear his name.

    Amazing that somehow both the 9th circuit and Brown support incorporation!

  2. The Jerry Brown “California Dreaming” amicus brief is separate because it is a special plea from California to the Supremes, an attempt to get the Supremes to uphold their egregiously ridiculous “Safe Gun Registry.”

    This list of some 1300 makes and models of handguns limits Californians to the use of handguns approved by the government. The same handgun make and model are approved for sale or ineligible for sale in CA based on frame color, for example. The registry is simply a means to limit handgun availability in CA at the whim of the government.

    I hope CA rots in the putrid mess it has made for itself.

  3. I have to agree with Mikee. The text of Brown’s brief includes language lauding the positive safety impact of CA’s “common-sense” gun laws, which include an AWB and states that the laws do not restrict access to firearms by individuals.

    The fact is they do, as any increase in the cost of a firearm by definition limits the capability of people, especially those most likely to be exposed to crime, the poor, to purchase, keep and bear arms. So to the successful drive of cities to rid themselves of gun ranges where people can shoot, and moves to increase the price of ammo (current AB 962), mandate “smart gun” and “microstamping” technologies.

    Jerry is seeking an endorsement of CA policies. Especially in Chicago, if SCOTUS endorsed literally “shall isssue” directly or by a broader reading of “keep and bear”, Jerry could get more than he bargained for. CA’s “may issue” CCW law might go poof.

    Okay, okay, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  4. Isn’t he considering a run at the governorship? Could this be a political move to attract votes outside of the big cities?

  5. Hard to say what he’s trying to gain. Maybe he wants to be seen as fighting the good fight defending California’s gun laws in federal court. I’m not naive enough to believe he’s suddenly becoming our friend.

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