Expansion of Lead Ammunition Ban Into Arizona

So reports Scientific American:

This year, the CBD filed a lawsuit to institute a similar ban on federal lands around the Grand Canyon in Arizona, where about a third of the world’s wild California condors live. The CBD argues that the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management and Fish & Wildlife Service are violating the Endangered Species Act by allowing the use of toxic lead ammunition in the condor’s protected habitat.

Of course, the big, bad, mean NRA is getting in the way, but they are saying NRA’s science isn’t strong enough:

But is the NRA’s science strong enough? “The science is in on lead in wildlife and other carnivores. There’s no debate,” says the CBD’s Miller. “The only debate is over what makes sense from a policy point of view. There are alternative ammunitions, which are becoming more widely available, and their cost is coming down. Switching from lead is no problem.”

Beyond doubt and debate eh? This sounds really really familiar. For anyone wanting to see the research done by Dr. Saba, you can find it here.

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