Support for McDonald from Mordor

Chuck Michel is reporting that:

Today, 34 California District Attorneys and 8 Nevada District Attorneys joined a consortium of other “friends of the court” to file an “amicus” brief in the United States Supreme Court in the cases ofMcDonald v. Chicago (08-1521) and NRA v. Chicago (08-1497). Both cases ask the Supreme Court to hold that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution stops state and local governments from infringing on the right to keep and bear arms, just as the Supreme Court has already held that the Second Amendment stops the federal government from infringing on that right.

For those of you who are curious, the California AGs who are signing on are Will Richmond (Alpine), Todd Reibe (Amador), Michael Ramsey (Butte), John Poyner (Colusa), Michael D. Reise (Del Norte), Vern Pierson (El Dorado), Elizabeth A. Egan (Fresno), Robert Holzapfel (Glenn), Edward Jagels (Kern), Ron Calhoun (Kings), Gilbert Otero (Imperial), Michael R. Keitz (Madera), Robert H. Brown (Mariposa), Meredith Lintott (Mendocino), Larry Morse (Merced), Gary Woolverton (Modoc), George Booth (Mono), Tony Rackauckas (Orange), Brad Fenocchio (Placer), Candice Hooper (San Benito), Michael Ramos (San Bernardino), Bonnie M. Dumanis (San Diego), James Willett (San Joaquin), Christie Stanley (Santa Barbara), Gerald C. Benito (Shasta County), Larry Allen (Sierra), J. Kirk Andrus (Siskiyou), David W. Paulson (Solano), Carl V. Adams (Sutter), Greg Cohen (Tehama), Michael Harper (Trinity), Phil Cline (Tulare), Gregory Totten (Ventura), and Jeff Reisig (Yolo).

The Nevada Attorneys General who signed on are Arthur E. Mallory (Churchill), Todd Leventhal (Esmerelda), Russell D. Smith (Humboldt), Hy Forgeron (Lander), Robert Auer (Lyon), Cheri Emm-Smith (Mineral), Jim Shirley (Pershing), and Richard Gammick (Washoe)

In addition to that, there are several California police organizations who have also signed on. California has fifty-eight counties, so this represents 3/5ths of California’s total counties, including some of their more urban counties. Nevada has sixteen counties total, so 1/2 of the counties in Nevada have signed on, including Washoe county which contains Reno and Tahoe. It’s actually kind of disappointing more didn’t sign on in Nevada.

9 thoughts on “Support for McDonald from Mordor”

  1. Read the WSJ article cited in Arms and the Law.

    Heller led to McDonald and the probabilities are good that incorporation will be approved. If Scotus for PI also then that opens an new array of tools to limit government from private life. Many liberals should be happy.

    The number of AG and DA’s siding with incorporation really shows the change on mainstream opinion about gun rights

    This is very promising, especially with Obama trying to make an end run via the UN.

    Congress will support incorporation even many Democrats side on pro gun.

    Many gun rights people disparaged the importance of Heller. However that was an important first step and with incorporation then the battle on the state level about a variety of laws.
    i expect the knife and blades issue will come up. If the 2A is incorporated I expect Maloney to go back for changes.

  2. I’d go with Mordor being a local designation. Where I am, Mordor is everything north of the Potomac.

  3. Just because they are filing an amicus doesn’t mean they are filing on the side of the Second Amendment or Incorporation.

  4. What surprised me the most is that it’s actually not as surprising as I would have expected (if that makes any sense). The key is restoring the P&I clause of the 14th Amendment – I think it resonates with a lot of libs because they are as unsatisfied with the whole due process scheme for getting rights protected as (true) conservatives/libertarians are, and it’s big enough for them to overlook the fact that it would also apply the 2nd Amendment to the states (or at least make them grit their teeth and put up with it). I also think they still believe they’ll eventually get the individual right portion of Heller overturned, and are willing to deal with it in the meantime.

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