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From the comments at Richard Fernandez’s blog:

I have always been of the view that carbon based AGW is not proved. It could be true, but the evidence hasn’t been put forward. It would be ironical if it were actually true. But who would believe it now? What these “climate scientists” should have done is conducted the inquiries transparently, with open source code for their models and openly available data for their factbase.

Then everyone could have followed along where ever it led. But somewhere someone got greedy. The prospect of being the Master of the Universe danced like sugarplums in their heads. The Ring grew and took possession of their minds and ate them out. Finally, climate science became a climate carnival. And now the geek just ate the chicken.

Scientists are fallible people too, and no process involving people is going to be immune from politics. Take scientific claims with a grain of salt. The scientific process is much like our government. Theoretically, it’s a very well designed system, with lots of checks and balances to help ensure the best results. But when you fill the system with people, it never works as well as it would seem to in theory.

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  1. Like Richard at the Belmont Club I never believed the hype on AGW especially man made and the CO2 theory.
    The current scandal shows how much the people that pished this fraud attempted to hid the false dat and analysis. The managed to shou down many scientists by threatening the funding. McIntyr did this as a hobbyist. Shows how important hobbyists are to debunk agenda/
    Cramer did a lot on gun rights and that was noted in Heller.

    I have followed McIntrye and Lord Monckton for some time on this issue. The data was constantly manipulated.

  2. It’s just the fact that I have suffered vitriole for nearly 10 yrs in pointing out issues with GW alarmists.

    Often Demonized and seldom a single counter-point. The GW alarmists operate with a religious furor that would terrify the Spanish Inquisition.

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