Tracking the Blood in the Streets

This editorial could have been written by our friend Mark in the comments of a previous thread. Perhaps we are seeing a new tactic against concealed carry, to claim it’s just dangerous, and then say there’s no way to prove its safe because the evil gun lobby won’t let us see who has licenses. Good to see VPC’s allies in the media willing to help this meme along.

2 thoughts on “Tracking the Blood in the Streets”

  1. Is VPC saying that the police aren’t saying that apprehended perpetrators have or don’t have CCW permits? I doubt that’s a secret.

    Plus there is the typical overblown risk they like to conflate. I wonder what the crime rate is for sworn law enforcement officers in comparison.,,

  2. His whole argument is bogus. He claims mass murders have never been stopped by a CCW carrier, yet ignores the fact that most of the killings have been in areas off limits to CCW people. Murderers choose gun-banned areas for a reason.

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