UK Home Secretary on Airguns

It looks like, for now at least, air gun shooters in the UK are safe:

“The home secretary is not persuaded by any further change in firearm legislation at the moment and that is something we disagree with,” he added.

“We have to tackle the scourge of air weapons and, frankly, existing legislation is out of date and too confusing. Our position is: We do not care who does it, whether it is done in London or Scotland, but done it must be.”

As part of the campaign launched yesterday, adverts, posters and leaflets highlighting the consequences of using the weapons will be used across the country.

It is supported by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, Crimestoppers, Gun Control Network, Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Scottish Target Shooting Federation.

I wouldn’t count on this position of the Home Secretary to last if the groups mentioned can exert any significant political pressure for more restrictions.  This is a useful lesson for American shooters, about letting the camel’s nose under the tent.  There is one US state that requires licensing to purchase and possess air guns, and that is New Jersey.  Some airsoft pistols and rifles could be considered assault firearms under New Jersey’s law as well.  So much for Action Airgun, a version of IPSC competition that uses air guns instead of powder guns.  In New Jersey you’re just as regulated as the powder gun shooters.

There’s no gun that will be safe once you let them start restricting any gun.

2 thoughts on “UK Home Secretary on Airguns”

  1. My understanding is that only low powdered airguns are allowed. High power airguns need a firearms license/registration/whatever-it-is-called-over-there. I believe South Africa copied their air gun laws and are similarly restricted.

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