How to Fix Sagging Ratings?

CNN has dropped to the bottom of the crap pile of Cable News. They must think they can help up their ratings by scaring people with the militia bogeyman:

CNN Militia Bogeyman

There might have been a time when they would have worked, but I think everyone realizes by now that the emperor has no clothes.

7 thoughts on “How to Fix Sagging Ratings?”

  1. I watched Defiance this weekend with my girlfriend. I think that movie is self explanitory when it comes to millitias.

  2. No no…you’ve got it all wrong. They’re scaring people with Bon Jovi’s new album. We will need militia’s to stop Bon Jovi. That’s what they’re saying.

  3. I was actually surprised by the video. I was expecting a total “hit job”; explosives in the wheel wells style.

    I was actually surprised that cut the commentary from the SPLC other than growth. Did allow him to say “they’re a threat, etc”. Granted that is probably implied just in the pushing of such coverage.

    But that they actually had the one militia organizer comment on respecting President Obama and viewing him as his boss. And the focus on first aid training as well.

    I must say I was actually surprised by the coverage.

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