Media Bias Has Disappeared

Because it’s no longer bias.  As Glenn Reynolds pointed out yesterday, the media is in the tank for Obama:

I promised some thoughts on what to do about the news media’s outright campaigning for Obama. (And that’s what it is. Media bias used to mean that they would slow-walk stories that reflected badly on their candidate; now they just flat out ignore them, or even try to shoot them down. They’re not just in the tank, they’re functioning as arms of the campaign, and Obama’s strategy shows that he knows that and is relying on it.)

Just this morning I had to turn off the radio, because the local propaganda mouthpiece of the Obama Campaign ran coverage which started out with an Alaskan commenting that she is not to be underestimated, and then following up with the various ways people think she’s not qualified, including polls showing that only 25% of voters think she’s qualified.  Even though she’s, you know, about as qualified as Obama is.  Prof. Reynolds talks about solutions:

There’s a vast underserved population out there, for news, entertainment, movies, etc., and if people start serving it, the current “mainstream” media won’t be so mainstream anymore. So if you’re unhappy with current offerings, put your money where your mouth is.

And if you’re one of the people with creative interests, start making alternative stuff. Not just news and punditry, but entertainment, documentaries, etc. If An American Carol does well this weekend, it’ll make it a lot easier for the next film of its type to be made. If Evan Coyne Maloney’s documentary work does well, it’ll encourage a lot more of that kind of work.

Think of it like cultivating a garden: Starve the weeds, feed the flowers. Like gardening, it’s work. But like gardening, if you do the work you’ll see results.

I agree.  Make sure you get out to see An American Carol this weekend.  Even though we’re booked solid this weekend with election volunteer stuff, Bitter and I are going to make time.  We need it to do well.  That sends a powerful signal to the market.

This morning Glenn linked to a piece showing that the Boston Globe is still spreading lies about Sarah Palin that have been repeatedly debunked.  This is the worst I’ve ever seen a media.  We honestly don’t have a functioning Republic as long as these people continue to peddle their shameless propaganda as legitimate journalism.  Perhaps this will be the election where the voting public realizes the emperor has no clothes.  I certainly hope so.

4 thoughts on “Media Bias Has Disappeared”

  1. No, they won’t see it. At this point, it appears very few of the populace wish to admit the emperor is stark naked because it would indicate to their neighbors that they’ve been duped all along.

    It’s akin to someone continuing to bet money in Texas Hold ‘Em because they’ve already bet money even though the best they have is a pair of 7s.

    That, and most people find digesting news very difficult, hence the popularity of the nightly newscasts. The information has been predigested which you cannot do without inserting your own “compression algorithm”, or in simpler terms – opinion.

    The problem lies in the barrier to entry right now. Fox news is hardly “news” to me, more like the National Enquirer, only more splashy. I mean, they covered Anna Nicole Fucking Smith’s death like she was Princess Di. So, unfortunately there’s not a big effort to provide news that’s opinionated using the conservative view. I think the market isn’t there because people are already used to the leftist view of the world.


  2. Get more people to listen to my radio show, so I can make enough money to start a TV show, so I can make enough money to great a network.

    “Call me Ahab Media, LLC” sounds pretty sexy, doesn’t it?

    While I kid a little, I think that’s our best effort – to create an alternative line of content that is readily available and that can compete with the MSM in terms of quality. Right now, I can’t compete with a real radio station in terms of technological quality, but blogs and user driven radio can certainly compete in terms of content.

  3. So what’s changed? This is the way the media has ALWAYS been! These people are who they are: sycophants and shills for the most noxious and virulent forms of liberalism. The funny thing is how everybody seems so shocked that they are now so brazen. I think at this point they feel they have nothing to lose. They are dead last in ratings, nobody knows who the hell they are most of the time, and they are liberals. The only thing that has changed with the media this time around is instead of them turning tricks in a brothel behind closed doors; they are sitting out on a street corner in plain view giving it up for five dollars and a turkey sandwich.

    My two cents………

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