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Fait of the World, a new blog to me, has this to say about the Brady folks:

The Brady Bunch are starting to see the writing on the wall and they have grown desperate.  The evidence over the last 10 years have proven their every argument wrong.  Gun control hasn’t worked.  Gun rights have.  States that have the least restrictions tend to also have the least amount of crime.  England banned handguns in 1997.  In 4 years, their gun crime doubled and their overall violent crime went up 118%.  The prophesy, of murder in the streets, given when conceal carry started to be debated in the first states to take it up… never happened.

People are starting to realize the emperor has no clothes, and with the courts hopefully about to take prohibition off the table, I think the gun control movement will find fewer people interested in donating money so we can nickel and dime gun owners with meaningless and useless restrictions. Their folks were about prohibition — making a statement about the kind of country they wanted to live in, and the kind of society they wanted us to be. The sun is rapidly setting on that possibility.

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