An Afternoon With The Triangle of Death

Bitter and I are checked into our hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. Tomorrow we’re hoping to meet up with Bitter’s friend from college, who lives in these parts. Stopped by the NRA Headquarters building to meet with some folks we’ve gotten to know over the course of the whole blogging outreach. I can assure you that rumors that occasionally circulate around the Internet about NRA HQ being a gun free zone are completely unfounded.

Headed over to NRA News Studios next to see Cam and Crew next. The show is airing in 40 minutes, but we’ll at least get some chance to talk to Cam on break.

5 thoughts on “An Afternoon With The Triangle of Death”

  1. Did you buy any Chantilly lace?

    Imagine if the NRA building was in Maryland?

  2. I didn’t take any guns with me this time because we had to make our way via New Jersey. But I’ve been to the NRA range before.

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