Joint Mexican-US Task Force Recommends New AWB

I think we knew that no good would come of the Joint Task Force. Well here is the no good we were worried about. I think we’re probably safe until the mid-terms, but things could get ugly if the Second Amendment gets lost in other issues Americans have on their minds.

15 thoughts on “Joint Mexican-US Task Force Recommends New AWB”

  1. Two major major lies stood out to me in that article. While private firearms ownership is quite restricted in Mexico, it is not illegal as the article states. The clearly disproved 90% lie rears its ugly head, too. Can’t have the facts interfering with the disarmament agenda, now can we?

  2. the 90% stood out too, but the way it was worded was truthful. They just failed to mention that not all of the guns captured were submitted to the ATF.

  3. Read the first sentence, third paragraph. “The PRIVATE task force, Of course, this was a biased study from thr start.

  4. I propose an even easier and cheaper solution. Legalize or decriminalize many or all drugs.

    Joaquín Guzmán (head of the Sinaloa cartel) was named in Forbes’ most influential people list, above leaders of sovergin nations.

    Don’t these idiots realize that this is Al Capone all over again, just on a massive scale?

  5. Not this horse-shit again!!!
    Good God I’m sick of my AR’s getting threatened. At what point and time do we start making these people bleed?

  6. Hmm maybe this is just Obama’s 2nd stimulus plan? He already boosted the shooting sports industry just by getting elected, maybe he wants a redux.

  7. Patience, JD. That time may come, perhaps soon, but let us make certain it is they who start any hostilities. Remember the orders given at Lexington: “Don’t fire unless fired upon; but if THEY mean to have a war, let it begin here!”
    Meanwhile, stock your ammo and keep it dry.


  8. Yeah, that 90% business has sure gotten tedious. I’ve noticed in this article and a couple others recently they’re careful to include the qualifying phrase about the “ones submitted.” That wasn’t the case six months ago.

    The point remains, it’s too easy to acquire guns in the U.S. Gun control people think something should be done about that. Are you guys so selfish that you resist any and all restrictions, regardless of their potential benefits, simply so you’re not inconvenienced? I find that unbelievable, but maybe it’s just human nature.

  9. The Mexican government could increase the 90% figure somewhat if they would submit for tracing only the firearms they are already absolutely positive originate in the U.S.

    But then that might be altogether too dang obvious.


  10. Are the gun owners of the States “so selfish that (they) resist any and all restrictions, regardless of their potential benefits, simply so (they) are not inconvenienced?”

    I think the real question ought to be “Are the anti-gun people of the States so unscrupulous that they insist gun owners accept restrictions, in effect a punishment, for something that is not and will never be their fault?”

    The first question’s answer is “No.” The answer to the second? Well, we can see the answer in every anti’s response to a shooting.

  11. Gotta love the end paragraph as well; to wit; “Let all the illegals already in your country be absolved from their crimes and make sure that a bunch more can come in as well”.
    Yup, our liberties are to blame for a corrupt, failed state.

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