2 thoughts on “NY-23 Not Over Yet?”

  1. Funny how these innocent mistakes usually favor the Democrat. On the current report and nothing more, I assume Hoffman lost fairly but narrowly. But this points up a more general rule: close votes and judicially contested elections go to the Democrat much more often than can be explained by random chance. Republicans need a 3 to 5 point lead, sometimes even more depending on the district, to overcome systemic Democrat vote fraud.

    If and when the GOP get back in power, they need to take the Clinton-Obama approach to civil servants and clean house, especially in the DoJ, then vigorously prosecute voter fraud. There’ll be an outcry and push-back, but I think its worth it compared to the handicap of competing by different sets of rules.

  2. Every vote closer if not for an out and out win is a HUGE WIN for Conservatives against the status quo in the GOP…..so it is exciting to watch…three weeks is all Hoffman had against some serious DNC and GOP money working against him. This is a win for TEA Party participants as well!

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