Fixing What Shouldn’t Have Been Broken

People are starting to notice that the gun rationing law passed in the fall at the behest of soon-to-be-ex-Governor Corzine has some serious problems. I’m put off though that the powers that be are claiming they just suddenly realized this:

“As it stands now, retailers would be prohibited from purchasing guns from their suppliers,” said Burlington County Prosecutor Robert Bernardi, who leads the task force. “I think that was an oversight when the legislation was passed.”

The law exempts sales between licensed gun dealers, but not purchases from distributors or manufacturers, which are classified differently under New Jersey law.

It wasn’t an oversight. They were told what this legislation would do, and they didn’t care. Once they bought the vote of Fred “One Gun A Month” Madden, they passed it, and Corzine signed it. Consequences be damned. We’ll fix the problems later, you know, if we feel like it.

4 thoughts on “Fixing What Shouldn’t Have Been Broken”

  1. Ya know, if Fred *One Gun a Month* Madden was in charge of this Task Force, I think he’d be really sweating right now. Since we flipped a seat in his district.

    Fuck him.

    I should amend my monthly love letters, to remind him that if we can flip one of his Assembly seats, we can flip his.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention, with the changing of the guard in Trenton, and the flipping of the seat in his Assembly, I wonder if he’ll push extra hard to get this bill ironed out.

  3. Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) said another exception is needed for people in target-shooting competitions that require more than one handgun.

    “These are not folks who are robbing banks or holding up people,” he said. “These are law-abiding folks who are trying to enjoy their sport or hobby, and I don’t want to be an obstacle to that.”

    This is a very telling statement from Johnson. I am curious to who got to him that led to this statement. Certainly this wasn’t one informational meeting. He is a co-sponsor of OHGM and several other gun control bills. Perhaps his eyes have been opened by the Corzine defeat and the governor’s failed attempt to make firearms an issue in the campaign.

    Though there is no way to tell and with so many other reasons to vote Corzine out of office, one has to think how many firearm owners cast their vote on this single issue.

    I wouldn’t set my compass so soon on this new direction this legislator is taking, but it is encouraging.

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