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  1. GIven that Helmke is getting a lot of flack from even normally compliant HuffPo commenters, he isn’t going to get much milage from this tragedy. He is so clueless about the military in general and Ft. Hood in particular, that they’re tearing him a new on over this.

    I’m sure he’s already on a plane to Orlando. Maybe he can get there before the corpses are cold.

  2. They did the same thing after virginia tech, trying to pass legislation to “close the gun show loophole” even though the killer hadn’t bought any of his guns at a gun show.

  3. Here’s what I said to Thirdpower:

    One of the reasons this is such big news, besides the high number of victims, is because it’s extremely rare. Shootings on military bases are rare because, unlike college campuses, they are fairly controlled no-gun zones. The rarity proves disarming people works in minimizing this kind of thing.

    If you guys had your way, the way you increasingly do in America at large, there’d be frequent tragedies like this on military bases just like there are in our cities.

    The failure was on the part of the military police and guards for not responding in a proper and timely manner. The fact that nothing as bad as this has ever happened before is proof that gun control works.

    As far as Helmke being an insensitive liar for even talking about it is just ridiculous. That’s just your usual tactic of personally attacking your opponent.

  4. Alright mikeb, here’s a thought for you,

    Police officers walk around their stations armed all day long. Why doesn’t anything happen there?

    “The fact that nothing as bad as this has happened before is proof that gun control works”


    Columbine. Luby’s. Tech. Omaha Mall. 9-11. Appalachia Law School. LA Fitness Gym. Orlando. And now Fort Hood.

    Yeah. Sure. It really does work. If gun control really did work, none of this would EVER happen. But it didn’t. Either you eliminate violence completely, or you allow people to cope with it.

    You also just proved the age old adage that “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

    I wonder why quite a few soldiers were wishing they were armed at that very moment…HMMMM?

    Maybe your criminal ass (not a personal attack because it is actually true) should “enlighten” our fine men and women in uniform that you so trust with nuclear missiles, top of the line fighter jets, and your fearsome so-called “assault weapons” that they cannot defend themselves at home. It’s one matter for you to attempt to disarm us students who are the future of this nation.

    It’s quite another matter to try and disarm those who would help to secure the future.

  5. Helmke is a liar, because it has been proven in the past. Not just a personal attack, but a fact.

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