NRA Reaction to Election 2009

Landslide. For the record, I probably went a little easy on the Bradys in agreement that the election wasn’t about guns. That’s not entirely true. A reader pointed out that guns were most definitely an issue in the Virginia Attorney General’s race, with Democrats running ads like this against Ken Cuccinelli, in addition to a TV spot showing here:


If this race wasn’t about guns, it wasn’t for the Democrat’s lack of trying. Ken Cuccinelli won the Attorney General race by a 15 point margin over Democrat Steve Shannon. While we can’t take credit for all that margin, we are no doubt a nice chunk of it. This shows that Democrats can’t make a winning issue out of guns. Corzine also beat on the gun control drum, and it didn’t save him either.  If that’s the case, why do they bother? Increasingly they don’t, and that has to scare the Brady folks, no matter what their public rhetoric says.

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  1. You’re whistling in the dark, Sebastian. The only reason gun rights is moving forward on any front is due to the political and monetary power of the NRA and the gun lobbyists in their employ. I suppose the gun manufacturers are behind this too.

    About the new New Jersey gov., I’m sure you’ve read what he said to Hannity last week. So that doesn’t sound like much of a victory to me.

  2. Horsehockey, mike … Gun Rights are moving forward far more effectively as a result of LOCAL organizations like VCDL in Virginia and RMGO in Colorado. The Open Carry Website and sites like this one, provide venues for like-minded advocates to hold discussions and inform others of legislation, events and voting records.
    The NRA may be the biggest organization (and yes, I belong to it) and nationally known but those are its primary distinctions.
    To borrow a phrase from the eviros: “Think Globally, Act Locally”

  3. VCDL gave a rundown of those delegates that won in the state house and we won pro gun candidates on quite a few. It was a positive night for pro gun candidates in Virginia.

    Cucinelli had a gun rights argument when he won last time. And the incumbent went from pro gun to Bloomberg groupie. He won even in her home district do guns were an issue and Shannon lost big.

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