Dust Off Your Keypads in Support of Former MAIG Mayors

I’ve noticed a trend in the media coverage of mayors who have been asked to leave Bloomberg’s anti-gun group. For the most part, the mayors getting coverage are those who are sticking to their anti-gun positions. The mayors who looked at the policies Bloomberg was signing them onto and leave are getting very little coverage. Here’s a summary of headlines about avowed anti-gun mayors:

Edler notes NRA pressure to quit Mayors Against Illegal Guns (WA)
NRA wants York mayor to quit gun group (PA)
Mayor stands up to NRA pressure (SC)
Rhinelander Mayor Responds to “Anti-Gun” Accusations (WI)
NRA slams Jones (AL)
NRA slams mayor’s ties to gun control group (SC)
Henry resists heat from NRA (IN)
Mayor attacked by NRA (WI)
NRA mailer targeting Roefaro hits local mailboxes (NY)
Mayor Fretti joined “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (GA)
NRA targets Walaker’s gun position (ND)
What We Think: A lesson on civility (GA)
NRA targets Riley affiliation (SC)
Riley stands by membership in group targeted by NRA (SC)
Walaker gets off best shot (ND)
SC mayor targeted by NRA for illegal guns stance (SC)

And here is the only article I can find that talks about a mayor who left:

Wiggins Denies Being Member Of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition (IN)

Here is a rather odd letter to the editor calling for support for a mayor’s anti-gun participation, but the mayor left. So I’m not sure how to classify it:

Support Bouley (NH)

Consider that at least 46 members have left according to NRA’s map. That’s more than 10% of the claimed numbers of the group. Since NRA pointed out MAIG actually included 28 members in their 450 claim who aren’t actually mayors of those cities, it’s up a tick to 11%. (That’s on par with the loss in Pennsylvania of 12% of his mayors.) None of those facts are making it into the media accounts.

View “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” in a larger map

If your mayor has left the group, make sure to write and say thank you. You might also consider a letter to the editor in support of your mayor’s decision. Don’t let the narrative be that every mayor is standing by Bloomberg & NYC-style gun control.

UPDATE: There are more headlines today. The skew is again in favor of those sticking by Bloomberg:

“Mayors Against Illegal Guns” under fire (AL)
NRA criticizes SC mayors for joining group that fights illegal guns (SC)
Praise Mayors Against Illegal Guns for tackling a problem (WA)

One in favor of a mayor who dropped:

Pa. mayor quits organization after NRA mailing (PA)

One mixed:

NRA takes aim at Akron mayor (PA)

10 thoughts on “Dust Off Your Keypads in Support of Former MAIG Mayors”

  1. Sorry to ask, but maps need legends. What does blue, green, etc. indicate??

  2. There is a legend and lots of detail about the latest news if you click through and look at the full map. Blue pinpoints are members of MAIG and green are for those who have resigned their membership.

  3. You people in the eastern US need to start voting more; I’m just glad they have the sense to stay out of the western area.
    (California doesn’t count as a western state; they are a misplaced piece of Massachusetts.)

  4. Bob, you’re talking to people who not only vote, but actively recruit pro-gun voters and try to convince them to help pro-gun candidates. Last year I spent the last week of the election at campaign headquarters and Sebastian spent the weekend prior and two days off of work looking for those last few voters to get to the polls.

  5. Damn it, Bitter’s right!

    There’s one in the Republic on page 3 outside of Ft Worth.

    Mayor Richard Ward
    1505 Precinct Line Road
    Hurst, Texas 76054

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