5 thoughts on “Hope and Change”

  1. Well, the second opinion was the result of the widow rejecting the suicide ruling and demanding a second opinion. I’d be worried that the wife was just getting what she wanted to hear.

    The previous suicide, under similar circumstances does lend some creadance to the determination. Figures that the UN would investigate and do nothing after the first one. You know it would be silly to install security cameras in the stairwells or something…

    But if it was Iran, why would the kill someone in the seismic department? Its not like it would cause a test to be missed…

  2. Umm.. yeah, I’m with Monty, it’s a bit speculative (as in, Fox News/CNN level of speculative) to pounce on the Iranians at this point.

    Besides, it could have been North Korea! :-)

  3. I do not know what is causing these deaths, but coincidence is getting hard to believe. I do expect intelligence agencies will be checking into this and trying protection of other experts.

    Finding foreign agents who are killing western scientists is the type of mission that counter intelligence and intelligence people do.

    I expect that an upswing in spies is going to happen except here in the US due to leftist hatred of the CIA

  4. What kind of crap security do they have in the UN Building? Obviously self-defense is out of the question with the ruined Colt statue outside, but no cameras and no guards? Wow

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