3 thoughts on “Doug Hoffman of NY-23 Wins Iowahawk Endorsement”

  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing!

    And I’ve seen the Dem attack ads in question …. Mr Hoffman restored both of those cars himself.

    He should do a short ad telling the Dems to get bent!

  2. From Hoffman’s website on the issues:

    Where do you stand on the Second Amendment?
    As an NRA member, Doug believes the Second Amendment is far more vital to our nation than just protecting the recreational activities of hunters and target shooters. The Founding Fathers thought these right’s so vital to a free country that they specifically created the Bill of Rights. They did not want to leave any doubt as to what tools must be available to the lone citizen.

    • The first amendment’s protection of the ability to question government and assuring the capacity of citizens to communicate to one another.
    • The fifth amendment’s designation of property rights as the clear demarcation line between the individual and the community.
    • The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh’s establishing the due process by which the judiciary and law enforcement officers must adhere to in applying the law to individuals.

    But the second amendment was included to give bite to the other protections outlined in the Bill of Rights. Without it, all other amendments are nothing more than talk.

    Doug Hoffman believes citizens in all states plus the District of Columbia should have a “Right to Carry” with a CCW permits, a right that is now enjoyed in over 38 states.

    Doug Hoffman opposes any federal ban or registration on the types and cosmetics of rifles that law-abiding American citizens can own.

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