8 thoughts on “Illinois Crime Numbers”

  1. Where are those guns in Chicago coming from, do you suppose? Wherever that is, Indiana for example, if they had tighter restrictions, do you think that might make a difference? I do.

  2. Hey MikeB – Mexican cartels are using fully automatic weapons against state police forces – yet in the US, no one can legally own a full-auto weapon – and all the countries where the weapons are being sourced from, well, have much tighter restrictions than the US on general firearm ownership. How’s that working out for you?

  3. Oh wait, in the UK, gun crime is up – but wait, aren’t they completely isolated though?

  4. How is restricting gun rights in Indiana going to help, when Indiana has a lower crime rate than Illinois, which has its handgun ban and a higher crime rate?

    No wait, I know the answer, you want to disarm everyone so your criminal friends can have a field day. Ok then.

  5. … do you think that might make a difference? I do.

    And that is why you will always be the “the woman with the earrings” to me – no facts, no figures, no statistics, no history to back up your opinion, but it is your opinion, so by God, it is correct.

    Did you know that for the past 10 years, once-Great Britain’s firearm-related crime rate has grown seven times faster than its population? Seven times. Let that sink in for a moment.

    Now, last I checked, England is an island, and controlling the influx of firearms would be pretty easy. Yet, despite having almost every last firearm banned, their firearm-related crime continues to climb. Furthermore, almost the entirety of Europe has “tighter restrictions”, and yet firearms are still making their way to England…

    What does that do for your “thoughts”?

  6. If legal access was the sole, or even major, issue, logically then the crime rate would be higher in those urban areas with easier legal access (say, Indianapolis). Mere distance would then attenuate that crime rate in cities with bans such as Chicago located in states with tight controls like Illinois.

    Instead, crime rates are the same or (often) higher in areas with strict controls than in areas with easier access.

    The burden is therefore on people like Mike, who believe with no evidence that access is an issue, to explain why that is so.

    Does he, for instance, believe that people in Chicago are somehow inherently or culturally more criminal than the citizens of Indiana’s urban centers? If not, why aren’t people in Indiana killing each other at the same rate with their much easier local access?

    Or is it a physical effect, something like G(un) x D(istance) = increased C(rime)? Do guns increase in their crime causing capability by traveling across state borders? Does crime-causeyness build up like kinetic energy?

  7. MikeB, Given that you admit to owning guns illegally, you’d be the best one to answer that question.

    How did you get YOUR guns outside of the law? Might have been the same way the Chicago thugs get theirs.

    Maybe with some help from your knowledge we can help close an illegal access point to weapons and save some lives!

    How about it?

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