It’s Just A “Petty Offense”

Newsweek apparently thinks that when we say “Obama voted to criminalize self-defense with a gun in the home.” that it’s not true because what Obama voted for was merely a “Petty Offense” with a small $750 dollar fine:

The ad fails to mention that the issue was a local handgun ban that made the homeowner’s gun illegal to keep in the house.

What Obama voted for was not any general repeal of the right of self-defense, but to uphold enforcement of the local gun ban, a “petty offense” that carried a maximum penalty of a $750 fine.

Oh yeah, that makes it better.  Thanks Newsweek, for making our jobs easier!  They go on to detail that the commercial NRA is running as being false, and then talk about the real Hale DeMar story.  Perfect!

Seriously, the media is so out of touch they don’t realize just how offensive the true “true story” of what Obama really voted for is to a very large number of Americans.  If you can’t use a firearm to defend yourself in your home, without risking a government fine, then self-defense with a gun in the home is a crime.  Period.  That’s what Obama voted for.

6 thoughts on “It’s Just A “Petty Offense””

  1. Maybe I’m exposing the fact that I’m just a white trash peasant, but $750 is a far from insignificant sum for me. When you factor in the near certainty that the gun was confiscated as well, it becomes pretty clear that Obama wants to price a great many people out of the home defense market.

  2. That’s just the fine too. They’ll throw courts costs and a lot of other bullshit in there too. That’s a lot of money for me too.

  3. FactCheck is in the tank … whether that be opposing the NRA or supporting Obama.

    That much is clear. I’ve never, ever seen so much of this kind of think (the tanking) in all my life.

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