Text of McCarthy Gun Show Bill

John Richardson has the text. It’s every bit as unacceptable as the last bill, and basically offers multiple ways for a hostile administration to close down gun shows, and to implement a back door registration scheme. Transferring a gun to someone else in the parking lot of a gun show, or at a gun show, without going through an FFL, registering with the government, etc, would be a felony leading to two years in prison and loss of gun rights.

6 thoughts on “Text of McCarthy Gun Show Bill”

  1. It’s time to banish the Democrat Party from the American political landscape.

  2. “(2) gun shows at which firearms are exhibited or offered for sale or exchange provide a convenient and centralized commercial location where criminals and other prohibited persons obtain firearms without background checks and without records that enable firearm tracing.”

    Whoa! I thought that was any ATF office near the Mexican Border.

  3. @Chas:

    It’s time to banish GUN CONTROL from the American political landscape.

    Fixed that for you.

    But seriously, this ‘gun show loophole’ canard is getting pretty worn out. Crime statistics, reality, and the 2A are not on their side. Why do they think they can beat a dead horse back to life?

  4. While disposing of the democracy hating, anti-democratic, undemocratic Democrat Party, we should maintain a two-party system.
    The Republican Party and the Tea Party, representing the left and center of American politics respectively, would be perfectly sufficient as the leading parties, with other minor parties on the sidelines.

  5. “It’s time to banish GUN CONTROL from the American political landscape.”

    That can’t happen until Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, Lautenberg, Clinton and McCarthy are sidelined, and they’re Democrats. If we marginalize the Democrat Party, drive it into oblivion, the anti-gun rights crowd goes with it. The not so pro-gun rights Republicans and the pro-gun rights Tea Partiers can talk about gun control as much as they please, but the stinking, rotten, anti-gun rights Democrat Party has to go.

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