3 thoughts on “Calling Dr. Strangelove”

  1. Looks like the equivalent of making a silencer out of a 50 gallon drum to put on the end of your 1911.

  2. Sounds like, “We’d like our country to be able to defend itself, but not if it’s noisy”. To develop and produce that muffler must have cost at least as much as one of the howitzers it serves. Can a country that effete survive for long?

  3. Chas, you might well ask that of the citizens’ committees of Grayling, Michigan — or the rancher/peace activists blocking the Fort Collins maneuver area in SE Colorado.

    At Fort Meigs, the newly-arrived suburbanites file writ over the sound of *re-enacted* battle, and thre re-enactors predate them by 20 years. No, the Germans are not alone in this.

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