Melson Being Moved

This is an interesting development. Looks like he’s being moved to Justice, presumably where higher ups can keep a closer eye on what he’s up to. This comes as the Congressional investigation probes just how high the Fast and Furious scandal goes. It’ll be interesting to see the Congressional reaction to this reassignment, and whether Melson will continue to cooperate with the investigation.

2 thoughts on “Melson Being Moved”

  1. Melson should be moved to Mexico. I’m sure they’ll be glad to see him after the “stimulus package” he provided to the Mexican funeral industry.

  2. Not just Melson, but US Attorney Dennis Burke, who was also a key player in Fast in Furious, is out the door as well.

    Interesting that Burke is resigning outright and not being sent to the Gulag, er, I mean “reassigned”. I wonder what effect this will have on his ability to testify before Congress?

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