Bad Liars

Jacob points out that Paul Helmke is a bad liar, and outlines why. They really don’t have any choice, though, other than to downplay the significance of McDonald. There’s a very high probability they are going to lose no matter what they do, and after playing up Heller as much as they did, then losing, they aren’t going to want to repeat that performance, so they’ve decided on a tactical retreat. Not good ground to fight on for them. There will be other fights, but they will be on the defensive from here on out, and they know that.

4 thoughts on “Bad Liars”

  1. Yes. The Bradys simply have to downplay the potential ramifications of McDonald.

    Quite frankly, recall Helmke post-Heller … “the decision was good for reasonable gun control because it took the extremes off the table.”

    By that logic, incorporation will take the extremes off of 50 tables.

    But don’t hold your breath for a Brady brief filed in support of McDonald.

  2. The McDonald case is interesting because, if Slaughter-House is overturned, it will greatly expand the court system. Expanding the court system would be economically beneficial for those in the legal profession but would cost taxpayers a bundle. And who wants to serve more jury duty? (I don’t see much discussion on this aspect of incorporation.)

  3. And who wants to serve more jury duty?

    I’ll take some. With more juries they can’t throw as many folks off meaning there’s a chance that could prove to be a nice battlefield.

    Hell, while I’m thinking about it, why is jury duty exempt from minimum wage laws?

  4. If Slaughter-House is thrown out, then I’ll bet there will be an uproar for PAID jury duty since most of us will have to serve jury duty pretty often.

    Can you imagine being on the Small Claims Court jury where the person is suing over a $7.52 pair of earrings? ;-)

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