Flinging Pooh At Walls

Maybe I need a better analogy, but I said a few days ago in a comment that gaining progress in politics is a lot like flinging pooh at a wall and betting on which pieces of s**t stick. To be successful, you need to fling a lot, until you find the right kind of turd, then repeat the performance as many times as you can.

This is an example of that, only the turd fell off the wall. Time to try again. And really, we never really meant to fling that turd anyway. It was a mistake in turd selection. The goal is to try to get the Delaware Housing Authorities to respect the Constitution. We can accomplish that through legislation or a lawsuit. For various reasons (good reasons in my opinion), NRA is more comfortable with the former than the latter. But we can use the latter to push along the former. I suspect this is going to be one strategy going forward. We can spritz our turds with olive oil before flinging now. It helps with adhesion.

3 thoughts on “Flinging Pooh At Walls”

  1. I knew the related posts plugin was going to pick at least one related post with the words “fling” “pooh” or “turd” in it.

  2. So their argument, as always, rests on the fact that people who are safe one place (bus stops) are somehow more dangerous 2 feet away (on busses).

    Further, they also explicitely state that people in public housing in high crime areas are less responsible, less law-abding and less worthy of freedom than their neighbors, in the same depressed areas, who happen to live in private housing.

    As always, I wonder why proponents of freedom don’t simply ask anti’s why they believe such illogical, illiberal and insulting things about their neighbors, particularly poor and minorities, in those terms.

    It’s all in how you frame the question, make them defend their implicit racism/classism/paternalism what have you rather than letting them frame it as safety, safety, safety.

  3. We probably would have had better luck with this legislation if it’d been tailored to apply specifically to the DSHA and nothing else.

    That said, Markell and others can fight this legislation all they want. The DSHA’s gun ban is going down either way, it just bugs me to see them being so thick-headed about it.

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