Smart Rhetoric, But Will Anyone Buy It?

It was probably intended that if MAIG were ever attacked by the NRA, they’d cry foul and claim it as evidence that the NRA were out looking to arm criminals with the illegal guns they are supposedly against.  We’re seeing that already.

From Tallahassee:

“To keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists and that is the fundamental objective of this organization,” says Marks. Marks says the American Hunters and Shooters Association supports the mayors group and sent out letters this week claiming “the NRA has been sending false information about what Mayors Against Illegal Guns stands for” and says “to take them head on.”

And we know that AHSA is a gun control group disguised as a pro-gun group.  MAIG is an organization that’s dedicated to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists by ensuring that they stay out of the hands of law abiding people too.

Modesto California, where the Bee is doing its level best to carry the water for Bloomberg:

Last week, he and three other California mayors — also under attack by the NRA — resigned from MAIG. His name and photo are gone from its Web site.

“I support the police and I also support Second Amendment rights,” Ridenour said. “Originally, (the mayors) were talking about illegal guns.”

They say they still are. The NRA claims they never were.

They talk about illegal guns.  Their policy proposals have nothing to do with illegal guns, or locking up the people who use them or traffic in them.

From Vineland, New Jersey:

“People that obtain guns illegally or carry guns illegally, that’s what I’m against,” Romano said. “I don’t want people to think I’m against legal guns. I’m not.”

He has made that clear to the dozen or so local NRA members who have contacted him since receiving the NRA’s mailing last week.

It takes more than showing off your judge to convince me.  MAIG isn’t just against illegal carry, they are against legal carry too, as demonstrated by the policies they support.  They are also not supporting policies of getting tough on traffickers, only restricting legal sales.

From Orlando Beach, Florida:

“The National Rife Association is basically trying to make mayors look like they are against all guns,” Costello said. “And that’s absolutely not true.”

It is true, unfortunately.  They advocate the same policies as the Brady Campaign, pretty much across the board.

There are more out there if you look.  The gauntlet has now been thrown down.  What are we going to do about it?  It’s time to start writing Letters to the Editor, and writing letters to the mayors in your area to make sure they are not confused.  We have to let people know about what MAIG is really up to.  Don’t let them get away with painting themselves as going after criminal gun use.  They are a gun control group cleverly concealed, and people need to know about it if we’re going to win this.

2 thoughts on “Smart Rhetoric, But Will Anyone Buy It?”

  1. Someone needs to start a pro gun false flag operation to compete. Maybe use the term ‘common sense gun control’ in the name. Maybe the ‘Common Sense Gun Control Foundation’, ‘Citizens for Common Sense Gun Control’, or ‘ for Common Sense Gun Control’. It would be totally honest, just having a different view of what Common Sense tells you from the people who coined the term.

  2. We are seeing a lot of “it’s the NRA … don’t believe them.” Some mayors are claiming Vehemently they are NOT an anti-gun group.

    Succumbed to the efforts of the MSM to vilify the NRA? No problem.

    Just look at the legislation the MAIG supports (via their website). Then look at the legislation the Bradys, VPC, LCAV, etc. support. They are the same.

    Not another anti-gun group, my ass.

    And one doesn’t need to listen to the NRA to figure this out (though the NRA is perfectly correct on this issue).

    What irks me the most is the people and media who can and will deny reality when it stares them in the face. Some say Hell is the impossibility of reason. Go figure. In the end, I am damned glad I am armed.

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