High Public Approval for Hunting

80% of Americans approve of the practice. That’s not great news for Wayne Pacelle, but we know from the gun fight, that a lot of Americans support the Second Amendment, but when you start arguing specifics, you lose support. But we’ve done very well with broad arguments, and hunters can too. The danger I see is that hunters have not yet accepted the “no one gets thrown off the lifeboat” philosophy that most in the shooting community have come to understand. Look at the large numbers of people in rural counties with strong hunting traditions that voted for a ban on dove hunting in Michigan?

One thought on “High Public Approval for Hunting”

  1. You have to look at it as a wildlife management problem. In many areas you have a choice between people hunting the deer or people hitting the deer with their minivans. The wildlife population will be controlled one way or the other. Hunting, even if you don’t hunt and don’t know anyone who does, is really the best way to do it.

    It amazes me that in areas where hunting is outlawed, you often end up with the state and local authorities paying hunters to cull the herds. Instead of earning revenue to do proper wildlife management from hunting fees and licensing, they’re paying “expert marksmen” to hunt. Now in some cases they just don’t have the room to turn the hunters loose without serious safety issues, but often it’s a real no-brainer.

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