MAIG Calls for Broad Gun Reforms

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is calling on the Obama Administration to push for a 40 point “reform” on federal gun control laws. Notice MAIG still claims 450 members, even though we dropped them to under 400. I will endeavor to find you all a copy of these “recommendations.” It’s very interesting that MAIG isn’t publishing them on their web site.

5 thoughts on “MAIG Calls for Broad Gun Reforms”

  1. “Calling on’? I heard on DC NPR news this weekend that the Obama administration was announcing a push for MAIG style anti ‘illegal’ gun reforms. Maybe i heard it wrong.

  2. This is just more of the same smoke-and-mirrors bullshit like there is over the current health care reform debate – overstate the so-called “crisis” so that drastic measures can be taken to end it. In the end, freedoms of the individual go away and are lost forever.

  3. call your mayors. See if they got a copy of this document they supposedly signed off on.

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