Keep Up the Pressure

The Pocono Record has run another glowing op-ed on Mayor Baughman of Stroudsburg, praising his membership in Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Tunnel vision gun owners, spurred by the powerful National Rifle Association, have been sending hostile messages to Baughman urging him to resign from MAIG. The NRA and groups like it hold tremendous sway over gun owners and elected officials.

Hear that? You have tunnel vision. You’re too stupid to think for yourself, according to The Record. They, of course, can see the big picture. But they wouldn’t be running this op-ed, once again today, if Baughman wasn’t continuing to be pressured by his constituents. Hopefully we can keep it up and get him to leave MAIG.

4 thoughts on “Keep Up the Pressure”

  1. I don’t know much about this mayor of Stroudsburg, but it’s just one more reason why I’m glad that I don’t live there.

    I wonder what the folks at Dunkelberger’s Sporting Goods on Main Street in Stroudsburg would have to say about their mayor now, though…

    Here’s another quote from this same Pocono Record op-ed:

    “Earlier this year Congress approved a bill that will allow permitted gun owners to carry their weapons into national parks. As if those hallowed locations harbor desperados from whom park visitors must protect themselves in order to enjoy the scenery.”

    Apparently, whoever wrote this gun-hater tripe has never heard of mountain lions, cougars, rabid animals, rattlesnakes, or grizzly bears being present in national parks, not to mention sexual predators or armed drug gangsters sometimes being in there, too. To the writer of this op-ed, it’s as if somehow national parks exist within a vacuum, and that everybody who can be found in one is some sort of harmless and affluent liberal-urban-hipster type who shops only at the REI stores for outdoors gear, and that every animal within the boundaries of a national park is just a soft and cuddly creature straight out of a Disney cartoon.

    It’s possible for registered users to leave their own commentary on the forums of the Pocono Record’s web site, but not for op-ed’s like this one. I think the reader reactions would be quite opposed to this piece if the opposite were the case.

    The Pocono Record has definitely taken a turn for the worst in the some twenty-plus years which I’ve been reading it. It’s almost as if it’s trying to become another version of the New York Times or whatever.

    This is just all the more reason why I’m so glad that I stopped having a paid subscription to the Pocono Record since the online edition became available.

  2. Wondering why you haven’t don’t anything on the new “policy recommendations” published by MAIG. Washington Post reported on them, but interestingly, MAIG is not making the document public. People should ask their Mayor if THEY have seen the report that their name is being put on.

    Oh, and when will journos not be so lazy and count the MAIG members? It is not 450. It is 385 (as of today).

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