Answering the Door

Keyboard and a .45 has an interesting post about answering the door. I have a pretty simple solution to this problem, I just don’t answer my door if I’m not expecting someone. Chances are, if I didn’t invite them, I don’t want to talk to them. Maybe it’s rude, but I figure anyone I know who is outside my door and I’m not answering, is going to call the cell.

5 thoughts on “Answering the Door”

  1. I never answer my door unarmed, and I rarely do it even when I am armed. I’ll usually listen at the door for a minute to see if it’s just the church people or a salesperson. Which so far, that’s all it’s been.

  2. Last time I answered my door it was the postman delivering a registered letter from the borough (which they demanded that I cut my ‘weeds’ since anything they don’t like and is over 14″ is against the rules/law and subject to a $1k fine).

    Still not sure if I should have answered it or not…

  3. A black and white video intercom can be had for less than $150.00. Add a motion detecting porch light and answering doors to strangers will become a thing of the past.

  4. No, it’s not rude, but playing it safe. I always got to the door armed, and often tell folks I don’t know to go away or get the cops called on them.

  5. I’d figure most friends would have the sense to try the back door.

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